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Merrymeeting Bay 

My friends at the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust mention the uniquely productive habitat present in the "Bay", noting that this is one of four places in the world where large rivers, with entirely separate watersheds,  come together to form an inland, freshwater, tidal delta.

The Bay is an incredible feature: 38% of all the freshwater in Maine drains through six rivers that transect the state. The Kennebec, Muddy, Abagadasset, and Eastern Rivers, along with the mighty Androscoggin, all feed into this amazing habitat for fish, fowl, and plants. 

The Androscoggin, once one of the most polluted rivers in the U.S., was the inspiration for the clean water act of 1972. Hon. Edmond Muskie, a Mainer from Rumford who lived through the horrors of water pollution from paper mills, was instrumental in passing this landmark legislation. 

Why This Name?

Well-managed organizations and group process can be an incredibly productive habitat. Merrymeeting Bay is a metaphor for what I hope will transpire when we come together for the common good. 

Merrymeeting Bay- friends of MMB.jpg
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