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How to stay positive when the world is falling apart (and when there is so much to do)

Current events are a wild ride. In this article, In recent post in Forbes, author Kristi Hedges writes, "Business has adopted the military acronym VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – to describe the current state of normal." This landscape is something the mission-driven sector has always had to deal with. Losing a previously reliable funding source, coping with a PR issue, having a sudden transition in staff or leadership are part of our operational landscape. But, in recent months, the landscape has ratcheted up to a unprecedented level.

Kristi's takeaways:

  • Get in control of irrational thoughts. We all have them.

  • Ride the waves you cannot stop. Adaptablity is the key.

  • Focus on what matters. Stay true to your core mission.

  • Collaborate, don't hunker. Remember that key rule in life-- hold hands when you cross the street.

  • Make incremental steps. Kristi writes, "Part of navigating any VUCA environment is realizing that every step opens up new doors, and it’s only when we walk through them that we realize what’s next."

Kristi's book,The Power of Presence,is not to be confused with Amy Cuddy's book titled Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges. Both are worth reading.

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