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The Importance of Training (and how you can join me in learning)

Heather Yandow, a nonprofit consultant based in North Carolina, shared a blog post about dedicating time for training and professional development. I am a big fan of squeezing in online webinars, attending presentations by thought leaders, and trying to participate in statewide conferences and events.

Attending workshops and seminars are a great opportunity, learn new skills or reinforce your already great practices, have a dialog with colleagues, and step back and gain perspectives on the issues facing your work.

Please join me for a couple of workshops in the next couple of months:

  • Grant Prospect Research 2.0- getting your sources organized

I'm introducing a system for getting your grants program in shape- how to review sources, prioritize the actions and keep track of deadlines and results.

June 15th 10-11:30, at the Wishcamper Center at USM.

  • Finding Happiness in Planning and Fundraising: putting action behind ideas

I'm collaborating with Penny Harris at Renewable Philanthropy to deliver a workshop focused on getting a handle on your fundraising plan with a focus on relationship building with major donors.

July 25, 1-4pm at the Hallowell Community Center. Register here:


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