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Charting your Organizational Wellness

This month, I worked with a client to embark on an organizational assessment project.To start off the process, i introduced the “organizational wellness wheel”, a simple paper circle that included 8 components of organizational management: finances, leadership, strategy, infrastructure (IT, facilities, etc), programs, human resources, communications/partnerships and revenue. During the short meeting, the client put a dot in each arena. The closer the dot to the perimeter of the circle, the more confident the client felt about their own operations. As we discussed the organization, there were four dots remaining close to the center that needed immediate attention. Having an opportunity to step back and look at the entire management efforts gave us a tool for comparison, and a place to start. Since you decided to ready, Here’s an individual wellness wheel for you to consider for yourself. Call me if you'd like to work through this system and see where you want to focus first.

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